The 4 Dumbest Forms of Cardio

Not all of the popular forms of exercise are effective. Here are 4 of the dumbest and most terrible forms of cardio you can waste your time on. Learn what they are so that you can take them out of your workout routines completely.

  1. Spinning

Cycling can lead to decreased hip and knee joint stresses. In addition, spinning in particular is a tiring exercise that often encourages terrible posture and technique as well. As you pedal on and on without rest, not only are you participating in an entirely ineffective exercise, but you are also making it easy for you to receive injuries and unwanted damage.

  1. Slumped Stair Climber

Lower back pain often stems from climbing, primarily because climbers hold tightly on to the machine and slump as they exercise. It is hard to avoid holding on because many people simply do not have the endurance or fortitude required to engage in this exercise without tightly holding on. Rather than clinging on and forcing yourself into an exercise that you cannot adequately complete, head over to the treadmill until you are better up for the challenge.

  1. Slow Jogging

Slow running benefits you very little compared to the amount of time you are investing in the exercise itself. Not only are many bodies simply not physically optimized for running, but your body’s systems will simply not kick in at the right times if you remain jogging at a slow speed. Instead, invest your time in performing treadmill incline sprints for higher rewards with less time wasted.

  1. The Elliptical

Although elliptical machines certainly are popularly, they are boring and unchallenging, making using them a waste of time.

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Body And Mind

An enlightening video by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh connecting the body and mind. Its only 20mins long but worth so much more.

Steroids & PCT – Why they should never be apart.

For those who are considering using steroids despite their potential side effects and possible legal issues, there is another important and often mislabeled practice called PCT or Post Cycle Therapy to consider. PCT is basically the most important aspect between retaining the muscle mass that was gained during the steroid cycle of usage. It is also imperative due to the fact that your natural testosterone levels often get subdued by the steroids. Because of this, steroids cannot be taken continuously, there has to be some break or change in the pattern, or every possible side effect, including death could occur from the unnatural state such usage would force it into. Steroids alter the physiological patterns of the body to increase muscle mass gain and decrease fat stores. When used in moderation and done under strict control, it can help increase the results of bulking up. However, as mentioned previously, steroids have to be cycled on and off, with breaks in between.


When exactly should a PCT be used?


A proper PCT can help minimize the losses and help return the body to its natural hormonal state by allowing the natural hormone production to return. For most users, as they come to the end of a cycle, where they are not taking any anabolic products, their physiological state is: little to no natural testosterone production with possibly increased estrogen and progesterone, which can undo some of the muscle gains from the building up. Cortisol is another hormone that can reduce the gains of building muscle and these arise from putting the body under extreme amounts of stress. As a general rule of thumb, the best time to implement a PCT is to wait until you plan to be complete off cycle for at least 12 weeks. If you are doing short breaks, then a PCT could cause increased cortisol and work against your efforts with steroids.


What to expect when on a PCT.


The PCT is not about building, but maintaining. It is also about re-balancing the body from the affects of the steroids. There is always some measure of muscle mass loss to be expected when coming off a cycle, steroids cannot give permanent mass, they can only increase the gains. To minimize the amount of muscle mass lost it is important to get the body back to producing healthy levels of testosterone and reducing the levels of estrogen and progesterone. To do this there are several options when it comes to building the right PCT to match your steroid use.


Selecting the components for a PCT.


No matter what types of steroids were used, some form of SERM, Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, will be needed. Its main job is to suppress the rising levels of estrogen that are typically present after steroid use. Nolvadex and Clomid are tehe two most used SERM for CPT. In addition to using a SERM, hCG or Human Growth Hormone is commonly used to help increase the effectiveness of your SERM, but it only truly effective for longer PCT cycles. To continue to restore your body’s hormone balance, a good CPT lasts at least 12 weeks and begins with a 10 day course of hCG then with the initial higher dose of SERM, which is then tapered down every two weeks. With no form of CPT it can take a year or more before your body can recover proper hormone levels after going through a cycle of steroid use. This is why it is imperative to have an use a PCT if you are going to be using steroids.


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Glute Training For Women

There probably isn’t a woman on the planet that has ever stepped foot into a gym without wanting to do a bit of “bodywork” on their backside – training their glutes to look absolutely fantastic, and creating that bubble butt that so many people are absolutely head over heels in love with today.

But, for a variety of different reasons, a lot of women are really struggling to create that Jennifer Lopez like backend, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that they aren’t being smart about glute training programs and processes.

Instead, people get suckered into the latest and greatest fad exercises, exercises that are supposed to swell up the junk in their trunk faster than anything before they came along, but in the end exercises that disappoint time after time.

So if you’re serious about glute training, and really want to make sure that you have a couple that you are proud to show off, you’re going to need to simplify things dramatically and really push your limits as far as intensity is concerned.

Keep it as simple as possible

When you’re just getting into glute training, you don’t need to fool around with a lot of different exercises to get absolutely incredible results.

In fact, you will boost your results dramatically just by simplifying things as much as you can.

Don’t go for exotic or “out there” exercises, but instead stick to deadlifts, squats, and lunges. Hammer these out until you plateau, and then (and only then) begin to look for different ways to change the game up a little bit and add some variety into your training program.

You’ll be absolutely shocked at the results that you get just by following this little bit of advice, and so will everyone else that gets a look at your brand-new derrière!

How to Burn Stubborn Body Fat

As you engage in persistent dieting and exercise, you might be at a loss as to how you can burn away areas of fat on your body that remain stubborn and unwilling to budge. But why is it hard for you to lose fat in some areas more than others?

In order to burn fat, you need to release it from a fat cell in a process called lipolysis. Then, the fat needs to enter another cell to be burned in a step called lipid oxidation. The reason why stubborn fat is difficult to get rid of lies is because it is physiologically different than other types of fat.

For one, stubborn fat features a higher density of alpha-receptors which encourage slow fat release. In addition, stubborn fat is also more sensitive to insulin, causing it to store more fat and release very little of it. Lastly, stubborn fat also experiences poor blood circulation, preventing the fat from being moved out of its existing area to be burned away easily.

Typical stubborn areas for fat are the hips, butt, thighs for women, and love handles for men. Here are a few methods you can utilize to remove any pesky body fat that you could not remove before.

  1. Stop Dieting

If you are engaging in unhealthy diets and attempting to lose weight by eating less and exercising more, you will not be able to lose your stubborn fat. As you decrease consumption and increase exercise, your body will become even more hungry with less energy to fuel you. As a result, your body will resist further loss of body fat in an attempt to protect you.

Either eat less and exercise less, or eat more and exercise more.

  1. Cycle Your Diet

Your metabolism will be able to react and adapt to the diet you are adapting and start to compensate. Keep your metabolism guessing by cycling your diet. Try to rotate between the method of eating less and exercise less and that of eating more and exercising more.

  1. Target the area

Do your best to target the right diet, exercise, and supplementation at the right times. Try to starve your fat during your eat less, exercise less period. Then, during your eat more, exercise more section, try to feed the lean part of your body, protect against metabolic compensation, and address hormonal changes that can make your fat even ore stubborn. Find the right supplements to help you along.


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